Designed for developers and general contractors, combining project development, procurement and construction.

Project development

Identify the most profitable projects and develop your construction projects systematically. Predict your future cash flow and grow your business with an easy-to-use project
development tool.


Make your projects profitable with good purchasing decisions. Define the procurement packages, send tender invitations, compare bids, communicate fluently and ensure delivery accorcing to the contract.


Manage construction with automated processes. Track your site progress key figures, manage tasks and documents in a one software that seamlessly integrates with other important tools in your

Opening the possibilities for more intelligent way to build.


The real estate and construction industry is digitalizing now at a very fast pace.

 We help you to keep up in this changing environment by offering software to serve your business in the digital era.

Save time and effort from manual labour.

 Benefit from the integrated software stack.

What people say about us?

We want to provide the best constuction management service available for small and medium-sized construction businesses. This means learning the business processes of our customers and partners, and developing a platform to complete these processes.

“Frostberry is exactly what we have been looking for in the construction industry providing a platform to serve in our business needs.”


Jorma Kilpeläinen, CEO,
SSA Project

“Frostberry helps us to keep up with our current rapid growth pace. It’s very important to be able to find the right projects and lead them efficiently.”

Hannu Riekki, CEO & Co-Founder, Rakka Asunnot

“Frostberry delivered more than I expected. Not only had they done the promised code example generation tool, but also a validator for the generated code.” 

Jarkko Moilanen, DX Lead, Platform of Trust

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